Monacor DT-109 Hi-Fi Dome Tweeter 80W.max 8Ohm


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Top HiFi dome tweeter 8Ω 80W MAX Tweeter with titanium-coated silk cone for high requirements of an especially elegant design with protective grille. Dual magnet and ferrofluid cooling. Wide frequency response with favourable crossover to the midrange speaker. Suitable for all high-quality HiFi applications.

Impedance (Z) 8Ω
Resonant frequency (fs) 1 200 Hz
Max. frequency range fx-22000 Hz
Rec. crossover freq. (12dB) 2 500 Hz
Music power 80W MAX
Power rating 40W RMS
SPL (1W/1m) 90dB
voice coil diameter 25mm
Magnet diameter 70mm
Mounting cutout 72mm
Mounting depth 40mm
Dimensions 100mm
Weight 610g

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