Monacor WAP-5 Waistband Amplifier Microphone Speech Portable PA


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Monacor WAP-5 Waistband Amplifier 7W with Microphone

Waistband amplifier (electret microphone) consisting of 1 headband microphone, 1 active speaker, 1 plug-in charger, supplied without batteries/rechargeable batteries. Battery operation/rechargeable battery operation, charging of the rechargeable batteries via the supplied plug-in charger, removal of the batteries not required

Electret headband microphone with high sensitivity
For general mobile speech applications, e.g. at lectures and training, aerobics, sales events
With adjustable carrying belt
7W amplifier with volume control
Additional line input (3.5mm jack) for external audio sources, e.g. MP3 player
Operating time with fully charged batteries: approx. 6-8 hours
Power supply: 9V DC current (6 x AA size)
Supplied without batteries

Do not connect the plug-in charger to the voice amplifier when using standard batteries!

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