Monacor RBT-95SR Ribbon Tweeter 70W.max 8Ohm


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Ribbon Tweeter, 8Ω, 70W MAX, 40W RMS

Magnetostatic speakers with horn front attachment, Compared with RBT-95 and RBT-95SQ, increased power capability, Neodymium magnetic system, Fine and brilliant reproduction of the high range, high efficiency, Ideally suited for 3-way speaker systems, 4-way speaker systems or for adding tweeters to full range speakers, Longitudinally grooved, slightly convex plastic front panel.

Impedance (Z) 8Ω
Resonant frequency (fs) 3,500Hz
Max. frequency range fx-22,000Hz
Rec. crossover freq. (12dB) 5,000Hz
Music power 70W MAX
Power rating 40W RMS
SPL (1W/1m) 98dB
Magnet diameter; magnetostatic speaker
Mounting cutout 82x47mm
Mounting depth 35mm
Dimensions 95x68mm
Weight 160g

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