Monacor IT-35 Weatherproof Horn Speaker 100V Line 25W.Rms


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Weatherproof horn speaker, 100v line technique, Weatherproof and IP66 certified, Protected against powerful water jets, Suitable for universal indoor and outdoor applications, Stable plastic housing, Stainless steel mounting bracket and screws, 5-step power selector switch, ABS Weather.

Power rating 25/20/15/10/5W RMS
Frequency range 250-10000 Hz
SPL (1W/1m) 108dB
Radiation angle (hor./vert.) 110°/52°
Admiss. ambient temp. -20 °C to +50 °C
Dimensions 300x180x315mm
Weight 2.5kg
Special feature IP66 plastic
Replacement voice coil IT-230/vC

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