Monacor AR-50 Weatherproof Audio Exciter Speaker 50W.max


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Weatherproof, robust exciters/resonators for music and voice reproductions via surfaces capable of vibrating. These resonators are simply screwed onto doors, cupboard doors, shelves, desktops, lightweight walls, ceiling panels or many other surfaces which are capable of vibrating. Vibration of these surfaces already create a partly impressive sound in the entire surrounding area. These resonators are not suitable for use on glass surfaces!

Weatherproof audio exciters/resonators, 8Ω

Depending on the mounting surface, very wide bandwidth reproduction with amazing volumes
High power capability of 50W MAX (AR-50)
Very robust and weatherproof version, thus suitable for outdoor applications and in extra dirty conditions
Suitable for home and outdoor PA applications, e.g. on doors, cupboards, shelves, on boats, etc.
Waterproof (IP68)
Supplied with screwable mounting plate

Power rating 50W MAX
Impedance 8Ω
Frequency range depending on the installation
Resonance frequency 500Hz
Minimum mounting surface 80mm
Dimensions 95mm x 55mm
Weight 0.95kg

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