Eagle TI6M 6 Station Master Telephone Intercom


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The P666 can start as a simple 2 station system and can be added to when necessary, up to a maximum of 6 stations. The product features any number of private conversations, conference facility by invitation, engaged tone, desktop or wall mounting. Easy wiring into terminal box. Single 17v 1A power supply per system. The TI6M (P666) and TI12M (P666F) intercom is designed for when between 2 and 12 handsets are needed. The phones can be freestanding or wall mounted. Wiring is straight forward and only one power supply per system is required. In systems with more than 3 stations any number of conversations can take place simultaneously. A conference may be held between three or more stations by passing the call on but no station can interrupt a private discussion, an engaged tone will be heard. TI6M (P666) and TI12M (P666F) units are compatible with each other. In a system where some stations do not require a full 11 station calling capacity TI6M may be used in lieu of TI12M. (Other intercoms are NOT compatible)

Adaptor: P007ME (not included)
DC Input (V): 17 @ 1Amp
Cable Required: Number of stations plus two wires for Power (0.5 mm2)
Colour: Ivory
Maximum run (m): 300
Dimensions (mm): 80x210x110
Weight (kg): 0.8

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