Eagle Sound Limiter G920D Noise Control System


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The Eagle Sound Limiter which is also known as an environmental noise control system is widely utilized within the entertainment industry in Pubs, bars, Halls, Health Clubs etc. and anywhere where music is played, to control the issues of noise pollution. This model is equipped with an adjustable dB setting, an adjustable time setting, self-protection function & a recess or surface mount microphone. It has two microphone connections (but this model is only supplied with one microphone), so that it can measure the sound at two points. It has an audio input and output so that it can attenuate the signal between mixer and amplifier if the sound level is too loud. It also features a remote-reset facility so that the output remains permanently off when the sound level is exceeded until the remote switch is pressed to reset it.

This product is compatible with product G920B, remote indicator panel.

A G920DA microphone unit is included as part of this kit.

Depth (mm): 85
Height (mm): 245
Width (mm): 225
Product Dimensions (mm): 245x225x85
Net weight (kg): 2.15
Dimensions: 245x225x85
Weight: 2.15

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