Eagle PA6240T 240W 100V Line Mixer Amplifier


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The 6000 range of Eagle PA amplifiers offers versatile features and outstanding value for installed sound applications such as schools, offices, restaurants, shops, factories, houses of worship and hotels. The unit features six inputs, two are balanced microphone inputs, two are auxiliary line inputs/microphone inputs and the final one is a microphone and telephone input. There is a further Aux input and volume control on the rear. Channel 1 mic input has a VOX priority which will override Channel 3-6 and Line input signals (but not the Channel 2 input). Other features include channel level, master volume controls and bass/treble controls. Speaker outputs consist of 100V, 70V and 8 Ohm. An auxiliary line output can be used for recording or connection to an external booster/power amplifier (P648XA 120W or P648AB 240W). Supplied with mounting brackets for 482 mm (19″) rack installation.

Colour Black
Dimensions (mm) 88x425x305
Weight (kg) 11
DC Input (V) 24
Power Input 230 V AC @ 50 Hz
Connectors Screw terminals On Output
Power RMS (W) 240
Frequency Response (Hz) Mic: 1~5: 60 ~ 15k ± 3dB Aux: 4~6: 50 ~ 20k ± 3dB
Outputs 100 V /70 V 8 Ohm
Inputs Mic: 1~5 :sensitivity. Adjustable 1 mV, 600 Ohm balanced.
Current Rate (A) 15
Mic Priority Ch 1: 0.3 mV (Ch 1 can mute Ch 3-5, & Aux3)
Booster Output 775 mV 600 Ohm
Auxillary Input 150 mV, stereo 22k,
Priority Microphone Yes (1.5 mV/600 Ohm)
Vox Reduction (dB) 40
THD Less than 2%

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