Eagle Mobile PA Amplifier 12V DC 30W


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This Eagle mobile and set top PA Amplifier has a compact design, features 2 microphone and 1 aux input. Working from 12V DC this Amplifier gives out 30 Watt of power into 4 ohms, the 2 microphone and 1 Aux inputs have separate volume controls. This small design is ideal for use in cars, vans, boat anywhere 12V DC is available.

30W 12V DC Mobile PA Amplifier
Ideal for use in Vehicles where 12V DC is available
Features 2x Mic & 1 Aux inputs
Colour: Black
DC Input (V): 12V
Frequency Response (Hz): Mic:-3dB(100Hz-20 KHz) Line:-3dB(30Hz-20 KHz)
Microphone Input: Mic:-50dB(2.45mV)/2 k ohms,balanced
Power RMS (W): 30W
Dimensions (mm): 195x165x80
Weight (kg): 10

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