Eagle 35W Handheld Megaphone with Fist Microphone


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The professional, high output megaphone has an effective audible distance of up to 500m. Due to a very high SPL, the megaphone is only suitable for outdoor use or very large indoor areas. It features a detachable anti-feedback microphone, volume control, high SPL, on/off switch, shoulder strap and also includes a siren, whistle and fog horn and is made from high grade ABS plastics for durability. The megaphone can be powered using 10x C cell batteries (not supplied) or via a 12V DC input.

Colour Blue/White
Weight (kg) 1 (with no batteries)
DC Input (V) 12
Batteries 10x C (not supplied)
Peak Music Power (W) 35
Power RMS (W) 25
Detection Range (m) 500

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